We need a lot of features that the monitor mode provides including sending and receiving raw frames without 802.11 frame format, no transmission of 802.11 management and control packets etc. Therefore, it is not possible to use adhoc mode because we will have to modify a lot of functionality.

Is there any way we could just start the hardware SWBA interrupt with intval and nexttbtt set to what we want, in monitor mode?

Thanks and Regards,
-Nirav Uchat
-Ashutosh Dhekne

On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 2:40 AM, Derek Smithies <derek@indranet.co.nz> wrote:
 I suggest you turn the problem around.

Run in adhoc mode, but turn on the monitor mode type code for adhoc mode.

Much simpler approach...


On Fri, 26 Sep 2008, Nirav Uchat wrote:

> Hi,
> We are trying to send packets in monitor mode at precise slot boundary and
> want to use SWBA interrupt. We have already done the following
> 1. In ath_beacon_config(), we added a case for monitor mode where we tried
> to enable SWBA interrupt using
>    nexttbtt = 100;
>    intval |= 4000 ;             //SWBA required every 4 sec
>    intrmask = ath_hal_intrget(ah);
>    ath_hal_intrset(ah,intrmask|HAL_INT_SWBA);
>    ath_hal_beaconinit(ah, nexttbtt, intval);
> we checked for SWBA interrupt in ath_intr() before the status is masked with
> sc_imask and *did not* get SWBA interrupt
> 2. We traced the path for beacon generation in AP and IBSS mode. We suspect
> that in both these modes the ah structure is somehow modified for generating
> beacons and  hence ath_hal_beaconinit(ah, nexttbtt, intval) works.
> Could anyone please suggest a way to enable SWBA interrupt or some Atheros
> hardware timer interrupt in monitor mode.
> Thanks,
> - Nirav Uchat
> - Ashutosh Dhekne

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