I am trying to integrate a WLM200N5 minipci 11n/a card (which is, I believe, AR9220-based, pciid 0x168c0029) into an PPC-based box running 2.4.24.
I have patched my copy of the madwifi-devel stream with Mr. Roskin's AR9220 patch
(found at http://madwifi-users.20070.n2.nabble.com/MadWifi-driver-fails-to-recognize-Ubiquity-card-td5294763.html).
The card appears to be working from the software side of things - I can bring up the interface, setup ssid and a channel, and retrieve stats.
The radio, however, does not seem to be producing any RF output - confirmed by an 802.11 power analyzer connected to either of the antennas.
I have tried setting the RFKILL parameter both in software and hardware (blocking the appropriate PCI pin), to no avail.
I would welcome any ideas regarding using similar (pciid 0x168c0029) cards with Madwifi. Perhaps someone would have an updated patch (which would be very appreciated)?