HI folks
I am asking a help/advice of bonding with wireless multiple interfaces.
I am using Atheros chipset based wireless cards configured madwifi driver for bonding experiment (bond with 3 interfaces on each node).
Testbed is very simple: 2 Linux nodes (RHEL EL4 with kernel 2.6.9-5) , each node has 3 wireless interfaces.
When I use Madwifi-old driver, connection is very good (throughput is high) between 2 nodes (between bonded interfaces).
Recently I started to use madwifi-0.9.2 driver on my system.
But, problems started: When I PING between 2 nodes, I lost many packets (more than 70%).
Also after bonding command, MAC address of 3 wireless interfaces are could not share (iwconfig).
Bonding mode - Round Robin ( miimon is 100 )
Wireless mode - Infra mode (11b)
- Is there any especial configuration madwifi new generation (madwifi-0.9.2) driver for bonding ?
- Can I use wifi0 (wifi1, wifi2) for bonding like following (not other name like ath0, ath1 ...) ?
( wlanconfig wifi0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode ap
  ifconfig wifi0 xxx.yyy.ttt.zzz up
. . . .
  ifenslave -f bond0 wifi0
. . . . etc.)