Ru+mor N_e+w,s :
O,ncolo gy M.e,d . I_n_c,. (_OTC: ON*CO) a Ca ncer T',reatment Solution,+s Gro'up is s'a,i'd to h,a,v-e
experi+enc*ed o-v_e r a 100*0% in-c,rease in reven'-ues f-o,r t,h+e fi scal 3+r+d q'uarter endin.g J.u l*y-,
2,0_0+7 compare_+d w'i+t+h t.h-e prio*r y.e a.r whil'e fisca'l fo'urth resu-lts f-o*r 2+0.0-7 a+r.e on
tra,ck to excee_d t,h-i*s ye arís t*hird quarte+r r.esults.
O N_C+O additionall.+y p+lans to i+nc*rease s+ervice offeri*ng_s whic-h a_r*e curre_ntl'y und,erwa+y.
D-onít w_a*i+t f-o+r t+h+e n_e+w*s to c_o*m.e o u,t a-n_d l-o_s*e t h e op-'portunity to g'e.t in fron t of the
ge-neral in,vesti*ng p_ublic. Onc olo gy M*e*d is in a mu-ltib+illion dol'lar ind.ustr-y w'h e_r-e
t+h+e-y a_r+e ga'ining ma rket sh+are ra*pidly.
C*a l_l y,o*u.r bro.ker n+o,w f*o+r O+N+C_O'.