MadEdit poor performance runing under Kubuntu

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I've been using MadEdit under Windows XP for a couple of months, it has great features. I chose it above other editors, mainly because I was switching tu Linux, and it is the only one I found to have column mode for this OS. But when I finaly changed my OS (on the same Celeron 2.4GH, 512MB RAM) to Linux Kubuntu, I was disappointed to find that even simple scrolling was very slow (I mean like editing remotely using VNC with a sluggish connection kind of slow). Have anyone experianced something similar? In which case, any hint of what may be the reason?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      yes, I have found the same problem in xubuntu. the madedit cpu was high when it is active.

    • Jhyda_Lin

      Jhyda_Lin - 2008-04-23

      In the Fedora 7 with KDE, the same problem is found. The response of MadEdit is too slow when scrolling screen by mouse or moving the cursor by keyboard.

    • Jhyda_Lin

      Jhyda_Lin - 2008-05-11

      For this issue, I use the strace and top commands to trace the bottleneck of sytem. I found the busy proces is xorg. So, I upgarde the display driver from the default one to Nvidia one. The sitatuion is improved. I think that Madedit works on X-windows trhough wxWidget. This might have some impacts on the performance. This is the trade-off between the performance and cross-platforms. So, I change the status of this issue from open to pending. Maybe, in future, we could have a good solution to improve the overall perforamnce for this good software. Thanks!

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        The same problem on Mandriva 2006, Mandriva 2007 and Mandriva 2008 (PC 1,5Ghz/500Mb RAM, tested on 3 PC). Please, try correct it. Madedit is very, very nice editor for me.


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