Compiling Error with wxDevCpp

  • Hi,
        i'd like to ask how to compile MadEdit with wx-DevCpp. While i am trying to compile MadEdit, it says:
    12 D:\Temp\MadEdit-0.1.2-src\src\MadEdit\ucs4string.h boost/regex.hpp: No such file or directory.
    How do i fix this problem and compile MadEdit successfully? Thank you.

    • madedit

      Build MadEdit with wx-DevCpp is very troublesome.
      You must compile all libraries yourself, cannot use the precompiled wxWidgets-lib in the wx-DevCpp.

      First you must get the 3 required libs:
      1.STLport-4.6-0301.tar.gz (from\)
      2.lastest wxWidgets source (CVS version is better)
      3.boost_1_33_0.tar.gz (

      Next, compile them.
      1. extract STLport-4.6-0301.tar.gz
      cd STLport-4.6-0301\src; set PATH=c:\Dev-Cpp\bin; mingw32-make -f gcc-mingw32.mak all_static

      2. extract wxWidgets source
      edit wxWidgets\build\msw\config.gcc & \wxWidgets\include\wx\msw\setup0.h to Enable Unicode Supported
      In wxWidgets\build\msw\config.gcc replace "CXX = g++" by "CXX = g++ -I\STLport-4.6-0301\stlport"
      cd wxWidgets\build\msw\; set PATH=c:\Dev-Cpp\bin; mingw32-make.exe -f

      3. extract boost_1_33_0.tar.gz
      edit boost\libs\regex\build\gcc.mak, replace "CXX = g++" by "CXX = g++ -I\STLport-4.6-0301\stlport"
      cd boost\libs\regex\build\; set PATH=c:\Dev-Cpp\bin; mingw32-make.exe -f gcc.mak

      Finally, open MadEdit\devcpp\ and edit the INCLUDE & LIB paths, then complie it.

    • Hi, is there any change for Madedit0.2.8 considering the packages used?
      And does I need rebuild STLport, wxWidgets and boost now?
      Thanks in advance!