MadEdit 2.8.0 Hangs ! During FIles changed

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I used Ubuntu 7.04 and MadEdit 2.8.0.
    When i edit files .The MedEdit hanging during files changed by external program.
    The MadEdit want to reload them.Then it hangs.
    MadEdit 2.7.0 didn't have the issue.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I use Fedora 8 and MadEdit 2.8.0 & 2.9.0, also has this problem.
      If the file been modified by external program is not on the current active tab, when I switch to the modified file, a dialog prompt to ask reloading the file and the whole desktop  hangs, I can't even choose the Yes/No on the dialog by mouse.


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