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MADDR Announcement

A Device Description Repository is a collection of knowledge about (Web) devices, such as the screen dimensions or the presence of a touch screen. This knowledge enables Web servers to adapt their responses to browser requests. The interface for a DDR was standardized by the W3C, but the means of representing vocabularies of properties and their bindings to back-end databases (i.e. any kind of storage) was left to developers. A Mobile Aware DDR is a key element for adaptive mobile Web sites. The MADDR project aims to provide a W3C compliant implementation (for several programming languages), together with solutions for Device Property Vocabularies, and the binding of vocabularies to any back-end store, with the specific aim of helping Web developers improve their mobile Web sites. Any typical vocabulary, standard or custom, can be supported, as can any back-end, open or commercial. MADDR will allow developers to choose the vocabularies, back-ends and (eventually) programming environments that suit their needs. More details will follow...

Posted by Rotan Hanrahan 2010-09-29