#11 User language auto-detection

Carlos SS

Hello Santiago:
I'm testing "MadCommander" and I detected that you rely on stored user language to use with your translation mechanism
(or English language if any exists).

I think this is inefficient because translation system used by "*.po" files automatically rely on English language
if a proper translation file isn't found.

By this I modified and added some comments (related to for future use) to:

  • in com.santiagolizardo.madcommander.config.ConfigData.java:
    constant 'DEFAULT_LANGUAGE = "en"' isn't need more because if a user with a language not translated will see
    messages in English

  • in com.santiagolizardo.madcommander.config.ConfigHandler.java:
    saving language property to configuration file it's disabled until a future use

    reading language property of configuration file it's enabled but isn't used. Is for a future use, when a user
    through a menu could change application language

I've tested by passing parameters like this to the Java VM and works well (with and without them):

As you can see I send two patch files as you like.

I hope this helps to have a more intuitive application.


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  • Carlos SS

    Carlos SS - 2014-03-02

    Sorry, I uploaded patch files two times and SourceForge doesn't allow to delete.

  • Santiago Lizardo

    Hi Carlos; I followed your advice and now I'm using user.language property to set the default language instead of "en".
    Bugfix to be delivered with the next release.

  • Santiago Lizardo

    • status: open --> closed


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