High Resolution DSP?

  • Wintermute

    Wintermute - 2003-10-04

    What is this Option for? It is ghosted for me ...
    I have a Creative Audigy 2

    • Wintermute

      Wintermute - 2003-11-16

      "Thanks" for the great help *sigh*

    • Nazo

      Nazo - 2003-12-11

      It's also grayed out for me.  I have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, which while perhaps not quite as good, is still quite good (capable of 64-bit sound at as high as 96KHz as I've discovered through playing around with a bunch of sound editors.)  If that's not "high resolution" then I guess they just don't make such a thing...  I believe that most likely it's something that just hasn't been finished yet.  I believe the idea is that it outputs in a higher resolution to the DSP plugins.


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