Playing Streaming Audio with Madplay?

  • Nostraddi

    Nostraddi - 2006-03-14


    i just asked myself if its possible to play an internet radio audio stream with madplay and if it so, how?

    Greets, Stefan

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      • Rob Leslie

        Rob Leslie - 2006-03-16

        Here is one way:

        wget -qO - $HTTP_ADDRESS | madplay -v -

    • Nostraddi

      Nostraddi - 2006-03-16

      Hi Rob,

      thx, thats a way, right.

      My Problem is that i want to call Mad from my Asterisk and if i call wget this way , i cant control wget if asterisk (and mad) quits, i think.

      It would be great if there is a way in the command line of madplay, it could be an idea for further versions ?!

      Thx for your help,

      Greets Stefan

      • Rob Leslie

        Rob Leslie - 2006-03-16

        If madplay quits, wget will get a SIGPIPE signal and terminate automatically.


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