I have some fairly highly compressed (low quality) speech audio files.
(audio books).

They sound acceptable through mpg123, mpg321, and probabally
most other players.
They sound fine on my portable mp3 players too.

The sound HORRIBLE in madplay (which is the standard Mac player, too).
They have that characteristic high-frequency buzz and swishy sound in
the background, typical of overcompression.

My guess is that when (most?) players see 24 to 32kbps mono files at
16KHz they run some sort of low-pass filter to get
rid of artifacts that are above the audio range possible in the file.
(At 16Khz, you can only represent sound up to 8KHz, acceptable
   for speech)

I tried many options on madplay, all with similar output.

This is a shame, since I like the simple manual control features,
and the ability to write play scripts that do not need to be
ported to run on the Mac.

Is there a flag I should know about which may be able
to reduce this buzzing/swishing artifact?

         eunichs _at_ boim.com