Jools, did you have to do anything special to get the system to see the disk?  Are you using any of the tools mentioned, like rEFIt?  Every time I try to boot into the linux partition, it tells me there's no valid boot device.  (I left my OS X partition to see if I could get it to dual-boot, but honestly I have no need for it, it was just to see if it would work.)

Currently I've got two partitions, the first ~55G is OS X, the 2nd ~25G is an ext3 filesystem (with a swapfile on it).  I installed lilo onto the MBR.  I can hold down option to choose OS X, which still boots fine, but I just get that error when I try to boot linux.

I think the next thing I try will be to just do as you mentioned, blow the entire disk away, and reformat the whole thing for linux.  I wonder if it's hitting the old BIOS limit and needs /boot to be up near the front of the disk...


On 4/23/06, Jools Smyth <> wrote:
On Sunday 23 April 2006 13:39, Felix Gröbert wrote:
> As far as I understood it, the new Firmware (aka Bootcamp) only
> activates BIOS Compability when it boots from CDROM or when it boots
> the windows bootloader (NTLDR).
> Thus, to use the ATI drivers you have to boot through NTLDR (or
> CDROM). Although it might be possible to activate the BIOS in refit
> for example, it has not yet been done, Chrisp is working on this[1].

It works with linux too. I repartitioned on cfdisk, making 2 partitions. ext3
and swap. Nothing else. The new firmware will boot lilo of the MBR
on /dev/sda. This is true on my Mac mini anyway. It boots it as a last
priority though, so a cd will take priority over it.

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