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hi all,

I hope I'm not being lazy by asking this but I found it quite hard to
find up-to-date info on the mactel patchsets.
I recently installed
Ubuntu on a new MBP core 2 duo machine several things don't work:

- Sound
- Touchpad (only single button and very jerky)
- Wireless (works but can't connect properly - might be base station's problem)

It seems like  I need to do a kernel upgrade to get good support e.g.
the touchpad (from an earlier discussion on this forum).

Are you using the usbhid and appletouch patches ALONG with the synaptic driver? I have the same 2nd generation 15" and everything works great over here. Atleast on Sound works without applying the sigmatel_audio patch. The ir.patch is to add infared support. The rest of it, for the most part, I consider VERY optional.

I'm planning
to use since this is the latest stable kernel.  Is there any
good reason to use an different version?

2.6.19.x is not a good idea. The ATI driver is broken (but can be fixed) and ndiswrapper causes a kernel panic when you modprobe it. Other people on this list also report additional problems with various things. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole right now. I tried and noticed breakage so I rolled back.

Also, I found the patch files in:


Will these patches work against

Yes. They will work against ALL 2.6.19.x versions of the kernel. Same with the 2.6.18 patch set with relation to the 2.6.18.x kernels...

Do I have to install all
the patch files or only specific ones (are some hardware specific)?
Why isn't there a single patch file containing all the patches?  Is
there anywhere with more documentation about this?

They should put descriptions in the header of each patch. I agree. How do you know what each patch is for besides guessing?


Just out of curiousity why aren't these patches just merged into the
main kernel trunk?

I'm guessing because they are still new and haven't been approved by the kernel devs yet. Patience grasshopper.