have you synced the partition tables in rEFIt first before booting linux? The two partition tables (the mac GPT and the bios one) have to agree somehow...

Hope that helps,


On 8/23/07, Luca Bedogni <web@lucabedogni.it> wrote:
        I've just bought a MacBook black, and I want to setup it for dual boot MacOS
and Debian.
I installed Debian using http://wiki.debian.org/MacBook, and all went fine.
Then, i downloaded from svn the mactel patches, get a fresh vanilla kernel
(2.6.22), applied the patches, compile.
So i adjustd grub to point to the new kernel, and when i reboot, the kernel
starts fine, except for a thing: he cannot mount /dev/sda6 (my home).
When the boot process ends, in fact I see that in /dev I've
only /dev/sda, /dev/sda[1-4], and not /dev/sda5 (swap) and /dev/sda6 (home).

Do I have to apply some other patches?

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