Hey, I have been working for a couple days now
attempting to create a fully bootable and functional
USB stick to boot my macbook pro for firmware updates
etc. Not sure if anyone else has ever tried the same thing.
By just using disk utility, an EFI partition is not created on
a USB disk, however there is a 128.02MB difference in size.
By manually using the "gpt" command from apple I was able
to manually create an EFI partition.
gpt destroy /dev/disk1 ; gpt create /dev/disk1 ; gpt add -s 262149 -t efi /dev/disk1
gpt show /dev/disk1 ; gpt add -s 3751494 -t hfs /dev/disk1

** 2GB usb stick
I then formatted the efi partition as msdos
newfs_msdos /dev/disk1s1

Is this the same procedure that the leopard
installer takes when installing to a new boot volume?
Sorry for the mac questions, I need this external disk
only for firmware updates, so I can just use plain MBR
and grub to load the operating system. (for boot speed (saves approx 4s) and disk space)
Thank you in advance.