The same, I look the .lircrc and the .lircrc/ files  (I use the package mythbuntu config files) and when I do irexec the output in lirc is the same that when I execute irw ..

I don't know how to use the remote.. with the apps? :'(

2008/6/26 Pol Hallen <>:
> I was in the same step than Pol, I did what you told us and it work , but
> the application doen't "view" the apple remote.. if I do cat
> /dev/usb/hiddev0 I can see the efects when I press the bottoms of the
> remote.. but with apps didn't work. I have to do anything to get work with
> the apps (particulary KDE apps) ?
look .lirrc config file
and run irexec then try with you remote controller :-)

tell me what happen.