Hey there guys,

I'm trying to read my ext3 partition under OSX, but the ext2fs utility won't work, mainly because OSX (i.e. GPT) doesn't have any trace of the ext partition.

My linux partition is fine, I boot off of it all the time. But the MBR says that the "Partition Type" is EFI, and when I edit the MBR with fdisk (under linux), everything goes fine until I reboot, and then use rEFIt to sync the MBR with the GPT. Then it goes right back to EFI. It's NOT EFI, how do I tell it that. When I open parted (under linux, I understand that this will edit the GPT), there is no way to edit the fs type, and it says "ext3" anyways. Question: if the partition type (in the GPT) is 516E7CB4-6ECF-11D6-8FF8-00022D09712B,then will it show up as "ext3" in parted? Then why does it say EFI in rEFIt? And why won't OSX see it? At all?

Rebooting into OSX: Disk Utility doesn't see anything there, it says it's blank unformated space. And when I fire up pdisk or fdisk, it says something like "/dev/disk0 is not a valid character file or normal file"

Everythink works fine, but OSX is not even seeing that I have an ext filesystem there at all. What do I have to do?


Gavin Rogers, full time problem solver.