connecting to fowarded port issues

  • Chip Mefford

    Chip Mefford - 2001-06-13

    I have set up port forwarding with MacSSH to try
    to see if it is a good alternative to Fsecure.

    All in all, it's a GREAT alternative to Fsecure, I really
    like it.

    However, I can only connect a client application to
    the fowarded port if I have check "allow guests".

    When this is checked, pretty much anyone with
    an IP connection can also connect a client application
    to my mac. This is NOT GOOD.

    In fact, it sorta makes it unusable, as it defeats the
    purpose of tunneling a port through ssh in the
    first place.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Please help.

    • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

      don't use 'localhost', but the loopback address

    • Chip Mefford

      Chip Mefford - 2002-07-02

      I never said thanks Jean-Pierre
      So, thanks.


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