Tunneled FTP Won't List Directory Contents

  • Richard Petty

    Richard Petty - 2001-11-20

    I've set MacSSH for forward thus:

    Local TCP port forward

    I can connect to the remote site using both Fetch and Anarchie just fine. My problem occurs when the client starts to receive its first directory listing (Anarchie transcript):

      227 Entering Passive Mode (66,111,67,21,5,93)

    ...then nothing.

    Eventually the client times out.


    • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

      this won't work with MacSSH. FTP uses a second TCP connection for the directory/files contents. this address is exchanged into the control connection.
      If your FTP server is behind an SSH2 'firewall', then you can't use MacSSH, because the data connection that needs to be done directly between your host and the server can't exist.

      if you need an SFTP client, contact me. I'm developing such an app, based on OpenSSH, but not free...

    • Paul Waak

      Paul Waak - 2001-11-21

      As a (insecure) workaround, you could activate the FTP server in MacSSH and ftp from the remote server to your Mac.

      I recomend presetting the FTP user to the directory on your Mac where you have/want the files and only activating the server when you will use it.

      Since this is insecure, use a password you don't use anywhere else. :)



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