Forwarding port 139

  • Piyush Ojha

    Piyush Ojha - 2007-03-20


    I am using MacSSH on Mac OS 9.1.  I can forward some ports without any problems, e.g. port 631 used by CUPS -- Common Unix Print System? -- on Linux,  However, forwarding local port 139 -- used by Samba Server on Linux -- does not seem to get anywhere.

    The fileserver client I am using is DAVE.  I can mount smb shares from the local network (running Windows XP as well as Samba Server on Linux) but not from a remote computer through the SSH tunnel.  Dave just hangs.

    I suspect the problem is with DAVE but I would like it confirmed that you or others have successfully forwarded port 139 and mounted smb shares.


    Piyush Ojha

    • Jean-Pierre Stierlin


      I suspect the client is using synchronous calls, which won't work with MacSSH.
      The MacSSH application needs "idle calls" to process the data, but DAVE doesn't yields the CPU while waiting for data from the forwarded port.

      Best regards,

      - Jean-Pierre.

      • Piyush Ojha

        Piyush Ojha - 2007-03-20

        Thanks for the lightening response.


        Piyush Ojha


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