Problems connecting with MacSSH

  • Ryan Castleberry

    Subject: Problems connecting with MacSSH

    I am attempting to connect a Mac G4 cube OS 9.1 client to a RedHat 6.1 running OpenSSH 2.9. Both SSH1 and SSH2 are enabled on our server. We use ssh with RSA based authentication for remote access with Win32 computers via SSH1 with no problems. I am interested in MacSSH as it implements RSA and port forwarding.

    First problem:
    Authorization failed when using ssh key generated from MacSSH.
    I "Initialize SSH...", creating an identity and file. I then "Export public key..." - and contents do not look the same. I've tried both the contents of and in authorized_keys on the server, and I get:
    User authentication failed.
    lsh: Public key userauth failed.
    Connection died.
    I am able to get a successful authorization by generating the idenity and on another machine and using those instead, but...

    Second problem:
    The terminal window comes up, but is blank
    This is what I get from the Log Window:

    Garbage collecting while busy...
    Objects alive: 95, garbage collected: 39
    Garbage collecting while busy...
    Objects alive: 180, garbage collected: 270
    Initiating handshake with
    do_arcfour_random_slow: Initalizing randomness pool.
    Client version: SSH-2.0-lsh_1.2 lsh - a free ssh2 on MacOS9
    Server version: SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_2.9p2
    Selected keyexchange algorithm: diffie-hellman-group1-sha1
      with hostkey algorithm:       ssh-rsa
    Selected bulk algorithms: (client to server, server to client)
      Encryption:             (3des-cbc, 3des-cbc)
      Message authentication: (hmac-sha1, hmac-sha1)
      Compression:            (zlib, zlib)
    SPKI host authorization successful!
    lsh: Invalid ur unimplemented advanced-style expression
    read_buffered: fd died, 532 buffered bytes discarded

    It looks to me that some kind of session is happening as I see ssh disconnects in /var/log/messages from my Mac IP.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Ryan Castleberry

    • Ryan Castleberry

      It seems that my problem was just with the keys.
      lsh and OpenSSH have two different formats for keys.

      This is what I had to do:
      Once I had the on my redhat server, I ran ssh-keygen to translate the key as follows:
      # ssh-keygen -i -f >> authorized_keys2
      -i import and -f file...

      Everything worked ok from there...
      Ryan Castleberry

      • Hans Lohmander

        Hans Lohmander - 2001-08-04

        but the line "sshd[22556]: userauth_pubkey: unsupported public key algorithm: spki-sign-dss" still remain in /var/log/messages.
        Is there a way to avoid this?

        btw. the privs must be user rw only for this to work.
        -rw------- 1 xxx xxx 589 Aug  4 16:31 authorized_keys2



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