MacOS 8.1 + 2.1b1 = crash

  • Lucas Thompson

    Lucas Thompson - 2001-04-14

    One of the changes made between 2.1a10 and 2.1b1 has made MacSSH crash repeatedly under MacOS 8.1 as soon as it connects.

    It drops into MacsBug as soon as the passphrase dialog comes up but, unfortunately, the debugger freezes before it can complete a StdLog. All I can tell is that it's in the middle of some sort of dialog control function when it crashes.

    Relevant MacsBug sections follow:

    --- StdLog ---
    Bus Error at FFC679A2 _GetControlValue+0000A
    while reading word from 4800001A in Supervisor data space
    --- snip snip snip ---
    Return addresses on the stack
    Stack Addr  Frame Addr   ISA   Caller
    051D8098                PPC   05121040 vsprintf+00018
    051D8038    051D8030    PPC   05120FCC vsnprintf+00038
    051D7F48                PPC   05AA2E90 DoCleanupThreads+01A5C
    --- MacsBug locked up at this point.

    Both machines that exhibit this behavior are running a nearly stock MacOS 8.1 install + CarbonLib 1.0.4 and Appearance 1.0.x, no funky INITs or anything.

    This was going to be posted as a bug but given the age of MacOS 8.1 I figured I'd just drop this note into the help forum and hope for the best.

    For the record, 2.1a10 is working wonderfully on my MacOS 8.1 machines.

    • Lucas Thompson

      Lucas Thompson - 2001-04-26

      Problem fixed with 2.1b4


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