VT220 and function keys

  • Georges Marfurt

    Georges Marfurt - 2002-01-04


    i'm using the vt220 emulation und i'm observing a curious behaviour of the function keys (the upper keys, not the keypad):

    F1-F4 are ok
    F5-F9 give F6 to F10 (shifted up by 1)
    F10 gives nothing
    F11-F12 are ok

    This happens by typing via the keyboard, an Apple Extended Keyboard (ISO), and also via the Func pop-up menu.

    have i missed some configuration?


    • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

      I've just tried vt220 here connected to a RedHat 6.1 Linux using 'mc', and F10 correctly asks to quit ?
      Anyway, you can customize the function keys for vt220 to your needs using the 'Edit->Set Macros' dialog'

    • Georges Marfurt

      Georges Marfurt - 2002-01-10

      I have found the right keys with the command infocmp on AIX and have adapted the macros. Now it works ok. Thank you


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