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Port Forwarding + AppleShare issues.

  • Lucas Thompson

    Lucas Thompson - 2001-03-19

    Some of our users have mentioned not being able to use any locally assigned network address (localhost,, their own ip, etc..) in the Chooser.

    Just wondering if any other MacSSH users had found a workaround for this problem since it limits the predominant file sharing method for mac users from being able to be used with SSH forwarding.

    • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

      Well, I'm afraid I can't do anything in MacSSH to fix this.
      I've tried using the asynchronous 'Network Browser', the chooser replacement, and the message is:
      "You cannot connect to the server 'IP' because is is running on your computer"

      my workaround: use 2 macs ! one as the gateway, and the other as the client. (I know, it's a bit expensive, but MacSSH runs on old macs too...)


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