#31 MacSSH Quitting

Josh Benton

MacSSH is quitting after having multiple sessions open
for a while. The problems seems to be a little better,
but still happens, after raising the prefered and
maximum ram settings undet get info.


  • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

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    I've found a problem with an untrapped
    __msl_assertion_failed() call that could produce unexpected
    application exit instead of a simple thread exit, I'm not
    sure whether this willl help, but here's a pre-fc4 with this


    Let me know if this doesn't helps.

    - Jean-Pierre.

  • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

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  • Josh Benton

    Josh Benton - 2002-12-18

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    I tried to patched MacSSH. This has helped the problem
    significantly. However, the problem still does happen
    occasionally. Is there anything I can do to get you more
    detailed information for debugging? I do have Macintosh
    developement experience (in C and C++) so if you need me to
    use a debugger or anything, just let me know.

  • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

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    I need a bit more info on this then.
    Does the application simply exists 'normally' or
    unexpectedly quits ?
    Do you have some way to easily reproduce this ?
    If you have Metrowerks CodeWarrior, you can get all the
    sources with cvs as explained here:
    The last checked in project needs CW Pro 8.

  • Josh Benton

    Josh Benton - 2004-02-04
    • status: open --> closed

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