#1 ANSI color sequences don't always close


When using a lot of ANSI colors, sometimes MacSSH
doesn't interpret the tokens to end an ANSI color
sequence properly. This can be seen frequently when
using screen in combination with processes (such as
chat clients and colorized shells) that use a lot of color.


  • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

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    what kind of terminal type are you using ?
    I had troubles in VT220 mode, but not in VT100, and the
    screen man page begins by: "screen manager with VT100/ANSI
    terminal emulation".
    otherwise, I've found a few cases where the original
    attributes were not saved/restored when clearing a
    watch the next version, or better, checkout the latest
    source-tree, and tell me if this works.

  • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

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  • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

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  • Jean-Pierre Stierlin

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    I've just seen this same behaviour on an Wind*ws ssh client
    connected to a RedHad 6.2 server. MacSSH was not at all
    involved. I guess it's the screen implementation...


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