#7 Exception chaining breaks 1.3.1

dev build

From: Xandy Johnson
Date: Sat May 31, 2003
Subject: Macker: Thanks and J2SDK 1.3 Compatibility


I recently discovered Macker, and I'm very excited about it.
Thanks for
your great work and thanks for contributing it to the

I have some ideas for Macker and I'd like to help. I have
moderate Java
skills, but unfortunately, not much time. So, even with the
best of
intentions, I may wind up being more of a user than a
developer for you.

I checked out the latest sources in the hopes of fixing the
bug in the 0.3.1 release. I was pleased see you fixed it a
few weeks
ago. Thanks :-)!

I also noticed that I can't compile the latest with a J2SDK
1.3.1, only
with 1.4. It looks like the only reason is Exception
chaining. Was
dependence on 1.4 intentional? Unfortunately, my project
can't move to
1.4 right now, so I'd be pleased if you'd maintain
compatibility with
1.3, at least for a while. Would you be willing to do so? If
so, I'd
be happy to correct the issues with the Exceptions and
provide a patch.
I could do that either of two ways:

1) Introduce Jakarta Commons Lang and use their
2) Write a simple class for you to do the same thing.

If I were choosing, I'd probably use Jakarta Commons
Lang, but I'd
understand if you didn't want to introduce a dependency on
it just for
this. Please let me know if and how you'd like me to

Thanks again,

PS. I introduced a colleague of mine, Dave Bock, to
Macker, and he's
excited, too. If he hasn't already sent you a message
offering some
help, you might get one soon.


  • Paul Cantrell

    Paul Cantrell - 2003-08-25
    • status: open --> closed
  • Paul Cantrell

    Paul Cantrell - 2003-08-25

    Logged In: YES

    Already used Xandy's NestableException suggestion -- just
    included his message here for bookkeeping.

  • Paul Cantrell

    Paul Cantrell - 2003-08-25
    • milestone: 298810 --> dev build
  • Paul Cantrell

    Paul Cantrell - 2003-08-26
    • status: closed --> closed-fixed

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