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XML Facelift Complete

The update of the XML stuff is complete. Well, the stuff I was working on anyway. Max is always modifying CNode and such ;)

Posted by Chris Behm 2000-06-30

XML Handling Gets a Facelift

MacJLib originally depended upon expat, the whole library had to know the details of expat in order to work. This is in the process of changing to be like ClientConnection. I've not checked my changes into CVS yet because I want the library to still "compile-n-go" with the expat stuff and I've got to do a little work tonight to get that there.

Posted by Chris Behm 2000-06-27

Back online

I'm back online from home so things will pick back up (like the logo contest). Sorry for the extraordinary delay.

Posted by Chris Behm 2000-06-27

Logo Contest

There's some logo contestents online over at for your consideration. The poll hasn't started yet though, I'm waiting for some more submissions (com'n, what are you waiting for! ;).

Posted by Chris Behm 2000-05-01

Tasks Added

Some tasks have finally been "classified" and opened over in the project manager area. Take a look and if you can think of any other suggestions to make, post 'em in the forums and/or email them to me.

Posted by Chris Behm 2000-05-01

Logo Wanted

MacJLib needs a logo! If you're interested in creating a logo for MacJLib, send your submission to I'm not sure if it matters, but the final image will be in PNG format.

Posted by Chris Behm 2000-04-07

MacJLib CVS and Homepage

Stop by the homepage (just follow the link from here or go to\) and check out the information on CVS. Once everything is resolved here at SourceForge, MacJLib CVS will move here. Thanks Jon for the CVS space.

Posted by Chris Behm 2000-04-07

Moving in

MacJLib is working on moving in and getting comfortable here. I'm still waiting for the shell and such to be turned on (not long now) and for my DNS to pick up Hopefully your DNS is a bit quicker than mine ;)

Posted by Chris Behm 2000-02-10