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Raider Improvements and Standardisation

News update on our homepage - check it out!

Posted by Tom Pittlik 2004-11-23

Warrior Structural Improvements and AWMs

News update on our homepage - check it out!

Posted by Tom Pittlik 2004-11-20

Terrain Improvements

Progress has been slow lately with Jon and I both busy with study. I've got a week off from uni which will likely give me a chance to model some new units and skin the Warrior mech. Today i made some aesthetic improvements to the terrain - Unfortunately the trade-off of nice terrain at a distance is ugly pixelated terrain at high magnification. A solution to this would be a texture replacement as the zoom changes, or a zoom lock.... read more

Posted by Tom Pittlik 2004-04-10

Linux Support

Whelm is in the process of getting all Mach code to compule under linux using kdevelop-3.0.beta6 ( under Gentoo linux ( If anyone has any experince compiling under linux and thinks they can help email me at whelm at

Posted by Abraham B. Hart 2003-11-17

Summer Vacation!

School ended this week, so development on Machinations will resume shortly. You can expect the following new features this summer:
* Unit scripts (e.g. levitation and cloaking)
* Unit models
* Rotating tank turrets
* Ranged bombardment
* Special effects

Posted by Jon Sargeant 2003-05-10

Winter break!!

The fall semester ended this week. I'm hoping to get a lot of work done on Machinations over winter break. Check the project's homepage frequently, as I will be posting announcements and screenshots on a regular basis.

Posted by Jon Sargeant 2002-12-15


Recently, I have received many e-mails from people who want to compile Machinations. Please visit the game's webpage for directions:

Posted by Jon Sargeant 2002-08-16

Back in action

Hello everyone. Although the project's activity status has dropped to 0%, I assure you that the project hasn't died. Quite to the contrary, I'm making significant progress on the terrain and other aspects of the game. Although I can't make any promises, I should have a new file release by August. Please visit frequently as I will be posting lots of stuff there.

Posted by Jon Sargeant 2002-07-07


View the Machinations webpage at for the latest announcements, screenshots, and features.

Posted by Jon Sargeant 2002-02-25