MacGLide 0.12 released

Provides gamma correction, performance improvements and fully working map view / retro mirror for Carmageddon.

Adds FutureCop, Quake, Descent 1 & 2 to the list of fully supported games


+ Gamma Correction (ColorSync has to be installed)

+ Better performance (Especially in Carmageddon :^)

Bug fixes:

+ FutureCop radar and dispatcher window working,
V1.02 not crashing anymore when pausing the game

+ Carmagddon retro mirror working

+ Carmageddon Map 3D-View working in all situations

+ Fixed crash when moving the cursor in Carmageddon Movie mode

+ Quake 3Dfx is working (actually it did all the time but it just wanted exactly 2M framebuffer/texture RAM)

+ Descent 1 & 2 display the cockpit and instruments

+ Switching between (emulated) Glide display and
Mac-Passthrough display preserves the color depth

+ Full support for undocumented Delta0 mode
(no more special cases for Tomb Raider and Carmageddon)


Posted by Jens-Olaf Hemprich 2006-01-26

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