MacGLide 0.11 released


+ New rendering engine (more accurate than in 0.10.1) allows better quality
on suitable graphics cards (ATI 7500 and later or similar NVidia cards).
Also fixes some rendering glitches such as the haze in Falcon 4.0 (which didn't
show up in 0.10.1).
To get the higher quality rendering, you need a graphics card with at least 3
texture units, for example an ATI Radeon 7500. Smaller cards like NVidia GForce
2mx or ATI Rage 128 will still use the simple rendering mode, and things will
continue to look like in 0.10.1.

+ Full Scene AntiAliasing (FSAA) for ATI chips (only in the Classic environment)

+ Global texture smoothing and mipmapping

+ Tweaked a code a little to gain more speed on slower systems (does anyone notice?)

+ Original 3dfx-splash animation is displayed when starting a game in order to achive
a more authentic appearence.

+ Better resource management

+ Added better support for pixel pipeline framebuffer writes.

+ Reorganised the code base

+ Lots of bugfixes and smaller improvements


+ Menu backgrounds in Carmageddon 2

+ If the exact screen size isn't found, MacGLide tries to choose a slightly larger one.

+ Tomb Raider 3: The in-game menu background now shows the current game scene (greyed out).

+ Objects in Carmageddon (and probably other games) don't loose their transparency
anymore when the fog becomes thicker.

+ Tomb Raider 1 Gold: Switching to the In-Game menu got a bit faster.

+ Less white screen appearence during screen resolution changes

+ Improved memory management fixes sudden exits in Falcon 4.0 that happended
to some users when firing a rocket.

+ Haze in Falcon 4.0 rendered correctly.

+ Translucent Menu backgrounds in Tomb Raider 1 Gold.

+ Translucent Lightnings in Tomb Raider 1 Gold.

+ Fixed the multicolored skidmarks in Carmageddon (Splatpack).

+ Fa/18 Korea looks better because of fixes because of texture format fixes
and improvements in the pixel pipeline frame buffer emulation.

Posted by Jens-Olaf Hemprich 2005-11-18

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