OpenGLide for Macintosh 0.10 released

OpenGLide for Macintosh is a shared library that emulates a 3dfx-Voodoo-Graphics board, allowing to run 3dfx/Glide games without the 3dfx-hardware. Version 0.10 allows to play 3dfx-based games in any resolution supported by your computer/display.

It also provides a lot of visual, compatibility and performance improvements as well as a lot of fixed bugs, like

- Tomb Raider Gold can be played with Movies enabled
- Rendering quality in Falcon 4.0 has been improved
- Some ugly crashes in Falcon 4.0 have been fixed
- The mouse pointer in Carmageddon is working

See the Changlog for the full list of bugfixes and features. You can find this latest release here:

Posted by Jens-Olaf Hemprich 2005-01-07

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