no airport

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    When I pick my plane and airport i want to be at adn check download scenery it takes me to the screen and loads up, but im not on grass or anything, jus grey water.

    Any help?

    • Tat

      Tat - 2007-04-02

      For the first time you select an airport that you've never selected so far, you may be on the sea.
      In this case, wait for a few minutes so that FlightGear can download the scenery data around you.
      Then, quit FlightGear and launch again. This time you will be on the airport.

  • Erik Arnmarker

    Erik Arnmarker - 2010-07-02

    Exactly this is it for me too but I've been on an airport more than two times but nothing comes up, and I've waiting but nothing happens…


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