Anonymous - 2012-07-03

I had some problems with my Top Gun joystick and I managed to solve them with some slight changes in the joystick xml files and in the Trustmaster TOP GUN AFTERBURNER xml file.

It works well except for a slight aileron right turn thatt I did not worked out.

This is the change I have made
in the joystick xml file so the afterburner is the default joystick.

<js-named include="Input/Joysticks/ThrustMaster/Top-Gun-Afterburner.xml"/>

<js n="0" include="Input/Joysticks/ThrustMaster/Top-Gun-Afterburner.xml"/>


in the thrustmaster/Top-Gun-Afterburner xml file so the hat switch behave correctly

<axis n="5"><!- View Direction Hat ->
<desc>View direction; mixture; aileron trim; rudder trim</desc>
<mac>4</mac>  ----- change the 5 for a 4 so it works with the left right hat switch

<axis n="6">
<desc>View direction; prop pitch; elevator trim</desc>
<mac>5</mac>   ----- change this one from a 6 to a 5 so it works for up down hat switch