Start Wizard as on Windows

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    I see that the Windows version has a couple of dialogs at startup, very useful for dummies like myself, where you can easily choose plane, airport, and set various options.
    Any chance to have something similar on Mac?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      this is a cross-platform tool that should also work for Macs.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      We're working on a pure-breed cross-platform one now that will work on the all breeds of the Mac OS X. It will be a seperate project though.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      is your "pure-breed" cross-platform tool only supposed to work across Mac-platforms, or also on non-MacOS-platforms?

      Also, what GUI toolkit/library are you going to use?

      Wouldn't you say that it should be much more feasible to reuse existing stuff like fgrun (note, that the sourceforge OSX compile farm shell server is up again!)?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I downloaded fgrun and tried to use it on OS X. It wouldn't run, in fact OS X thought it was a file for another program and wanted to know what program I wanted use use to run it.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      you have to compile it before being able to use it

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It's not quite a start wizard, but....

      * Make a new text file using whatever application you like - Apple's Textedit will do

      * put the following in it, assuming that you have the 0.9.10 application available from the main download site, not the package here [sorry Artoo] and that it is simply placed in your main Application directory -


      then add whatever command line options you want, with no line returns in the typing of course, eg:

      --aircraft=c310u3a --multiplay=out,10,,5000 --multiplay=in,10,x.x.x.x,5000 --callsign=YOURCALLSIGN

      * save the text file

      * use the "Finder>Get Info" tool to change the "Open with" setting to, in the Applications/Utilities folder. You will need to repeat this if you ever edit the file with any application other than Terminal...

      * make as many of these as you want, for different scenarios.

      Double-click to launch Terminal, which launches Flightgear.

      I know this is not what you want, it really that hard to launch a program this way? I know that the FG manuals are badly out of date, but I got all of this from Apple's Mac Help for the Terminal.

      Tim R


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