MacFan version 0.1 has been released! It allows control of fans for all non-iMac models of Intel based Macs.

Usage is simple: Run the program once with no arguments if you need to know how many fans are in your machine and the minimum and maximum speeds those fans can be set to. If you do so, you will be informed  that MacFan.exe has stopped working (this will be fixed in the next release) and then you can run it again with the speed you want to set the fans to as arguments. Of course, if you already know the acceptable ranges for your fans you can go ahead and run the program right away with the speeds you desire. For example, to set both fans in a MacBook Pro to 3000 rpm you would type:

MacFan.exe 3000 3000

For MacPro users, control of the Power Supply Fan is currently not working. Make sure you always pass 0 as the fourth argument in order to not attempt to control the power supply fan. Passing anything except 0 as the speed for your 4th fan could result in damage to your computer. Proper control of the power supply fan or removal of the 4th argument if it is not possible will be included in the next release.

I will be releasing a version soon enabling those with iMacs to easily provide me with the information to add support for them. Before then, if any iMac user happens to know the number of fans and minimum and maximum speeds for their model, let me know and I can add support right away.

I hope you find MacFan useful!