A mess of problems

  • MM...

    MM... - 2010-01-09

    Sorry for the overgeneral subject line, but the character limit doesn't allow much text there.


    Using MacFan 0_65
    On startup it say version 6.5 build 11.3.2009.4

    System: MacBook Pro (running Windows XP)
    Note: I believe this computer to have 2 fans, with speed min/max of 2000 to 6000 RPM.

    I have the 4 batch files, which I use to run MacFan. Following are the filesnames and content of these 4

    teensy batch files:

    1. FanTemp.bat
    Macfan /temp 30

    2. Fan2000.bat
    MacFan 2000 2000

    3. Fan4000.bat
    MacFan 4000 4000

    4. Fan6000.bat
    MacFan 6000 6000

    PROBLEM #1 - Setting fan speed sometimes fails, with errors for# of fans (-1) and registry (corrupt)

    Yesterday I observed many problems when using the batch files above. 

    NOTE: I am unclear whether it is okay to change fan speed while running temperature monitoring (with

    updates, as above, every 30 seconds).

    Here is what I believe I did:

    1. ran FanTemp, and left the cmd window open, so temperature monitoring starts here and is on-going.
    2. ran Fan6000 (which successfully reset speed to 6000)
    3. ran Fan6000 again - no problem
    4. ran Fan2000 (which successfully reset speed to 2000)
    5. ran Fan2000 - It reported the number of fans as -1, and reported that the registry was corrupt.
    6. stopped the FanTemp window

    NOTE: I probably stopped the FanTemp window by clicking on the X rather than typing Q.  Upon rereading the

    HELP for MacFan, I note that these are not exactly the same.  I had not noted that before.

    7. started FanTemp - shows fan speed 2000, no errors noted
    8. ran Fan4000 - it reports 2 fans and registry corrupt
    9. ran Fan4000 - reset fan speed to 4000, no errors noted
    10. ran Fan4000 - no errors noted
    11. ran Fan6000 - It reported fans -1

    12. I think there ws a period here where I stopped writing down what I was doing. I thought I reproducing

    both the errors (so far) and whatever "clears" the errors should be pretty straight-forward, so I messed

    around.  I expected something about the order of steps was involved. I also re-read the HELP and noted

    that I should use "Q" to exit temperature monitoring.

    PROBLEM #2 - Fan speed range is now reported as 4000 to 6000

    13. ran Fan6000 - I noted that it worked, but fan range shown is 4000 to 6000 (should be 2000 to 6000)
    14. turned computer off then on

    15. ran Fan2000 - still shows fan range of 4000 to 6000

    16. turned computer off, and left it off overnight. Turned it back on.
    17. ran FanTemp - shows fan speed of 2000 (1992 and 1989)
    18. ran Fan2000 - It show fan speed range of 4000 to 6000, and syas "RPM value for fan #1 not valid or

    out of safe range . Setting fan speeds failed. …."

    I would very much appreciate any insight on either of the problems listed above.

    I would also very much appreciate any insight as how to reset the fan speed range (to 2000 to 6000).

    Finally, should it work to run continue to run temperature monitoring while also changing the fan speed.



  • nalgo

    nalgo - 2010-01-24

    To reset the fan speed range try searching the registry for macfan and changing back the values. I used it to set a lower-than-default lower fan speed on my Macbook (it is a Santa Rosa MB and it whirrs at 1800 rpm but not at 1000 rpm).


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