Philz - 2013-02-22

Awesome program first of all!!
I have a friend with a Dell XPS 1340 running an Intel x64 Core2Duo chip. As you might know, the XPS series have a design flaw regarding the fan intake and outlet, causing it to get very hot when in use. I can't seem to find any useful solution using Win software or through the BIOS, but thought to try MacFan on the machine. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the possibility of this program working on a Win7 system or if it only can be run via Bootcamp on a Mac.
This is the message I've received when running it through the command line:
_MacFan Version .65 Build 11.3.2009.4

Checking running processes for conflicting programs…

Number of fans in the system: -1

Reading fan data…

Machine not found in database. MacFan should still work normally.
Recording fan speeds to file…

All values successfully recorded. Please copy and paste the above
minimum and maximum values and post them in the Open Discussion forum
at along with your computer model (you can get
this in the System Profiler in Mac OS X) so I can add your computer to
the MacFan database. Thanks in advance.

Unexpected error. Make sure number of arguments passed matches number of fans
in your computer._