deimos - 2009-12-20

There's a note on the output after checking the fanspeeds with MacFan. But runs fine afaik.

MacFan Version .65 Build 11.3.2009.4

Checking running processes for conflicting programs…
Bootcamp.exe closed successfully. It will be reopened on application exit. 
Move your mouse over the duplicate system tray icon to get rid of it.

Number of fans in the system: 1

Fan #0 ( Main Fan ) is currently running at 3681 rpm.
The slowest Fan #0 can run seems to be 2000 rpm.
The fastest Fan #0 can run seems to be 6200 rpm.

**Unexpected error. Make sure number of arguments passed matches number of fans in your computer.**

Successfully started BootCamp.exe

* * *
Running late 2008 13.3 Macbook Unibody 2.4ghz
WinXP/Bootcamp 3.0
MacFan 0.65