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Mac dylib bundler 0.1 released

Mac dylib bundler 0.1 released. On mac OS X, packaging dynamic libraries (.dylibs) inside app bundles is a complex task. dylibbundler is a small command-line programs that aims to make bundling .dylibs as easy as possible.

Project overview
Mac OS X intoduced an innovative and very useful way to package applications : app bundles. While their design has all that is needed to ease distribution of resources and frameworks, it seems like dynamic libraries (.dylib) are very complicated to distribute. Sure, applications developped specifically for OS X won't make use of them, however applications ported from Linux or other Unices may have dependencies that will only compile as dylibs. By default, there exists no mecanism to bundle them but some command-line utilities provided by Apple - however it turns out that for a single program it is often necessary to issue dozens of commands! This often leads each porter to develop their own "home solution" wich are often hacky, poorly portable and/or unoptimal.... read more

Posted by M Gagnon 2007-09-22

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