Error 1102 caused by SSH problem

  • Michael Gaines

    Michael Gaines - 2005-04-05

    I'm in NJ and I just started using MacCVS Pro on a server out in California that's been moved to another machine. From what I gather, the server supports SSH protocol 1 and 2. Since the move, I have not been able to log into the machine using SSH (previously I just used the "Password" option). I get an error 1102 kSSHErrorUnexpectedPacketType. Debugging MacCVS Pro, I found that it's failing in NegotiateServerOptions. Apparently, the server doesn't like something about the string of options MacCVS supports, or it could be the query to the serverasking about what IT supports. Since the two seem to be in the same string that's sent to the server, I'm not sure where the error is.

    Apparently, people in California can use it fine.

    Talking to the person who runs the server, we thought that an OS upgrade might solve the problem. I upgraded to 10.3.8 and it still doesn't work.

    This is very frustrating since I need MacCVS Pro to do all the binary decoding that the project depends on. Any ideas on how to fix this, what the error means, and how to resolve it either on the client or server side?


    • Glenn L. Austin

      Glenn L. Austin - 2006-03-24

      The current SSH code is only SSH 1, I've been working on implementing SSH 2, but it's been slow going around my other jobs.

      • Simon Fraser

        Simon Fraser - 2006-03-25

        It should be pretty easy to get ssh2 by just removing all the current SSH code and using the OS-supplied security framework.


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