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  • Anonymous - 2005-03-21

    Until recently I know I could remove files from the repository using cvs remove. Now I find that cvs remove has stopped working.

    The precise messages I receive are

    (1) response to remove:

    scheduling `dev/doc/manuals/natural_deduction/pics/foodle.pdf' for removal

    use 'cvs commit' to remove this file permanently

    (2) response to commit:

    `dev/doc/manuals/natural_deduction/pics/foodle.pdf' should be removed and is still there (or is back again)

    correct above errors first!

    Could not complete an operation on foodle.pdf because the CVS server returned an error. Check the warnings to see what went wrong.


    So, people: what am I doing wrong? I _swear_ I used to be able to use this command in MacCVS Pro!

    • Anonymous - 2005-03-24

      Are you using SourceForge for your repository?

      I too ran into the exact same problem you are having (and I tried all sorts of things). I also swear that cvs remove used to work. I'm using MacCVS Pro v2.7d3 on Mac OS 9.x (right now). The date you posted your msg and the date I posted mine, when there has been little activity for MacCVS Pro for a long time, makes me think it is not a coincidence.

      I will probably end up using the command line.

      I have seen some changes in (anonymous) CVS behavior on SourceForge recently :

      "cvs update: cannot open /root/.cvsignore: Permission denied
      cvs checkout: cannot open /root/.cvsignore: Permission denied"

      Maybe the problems are related. I haven't entered a SourceForge support request yet.

      Regards, Terry

      • James W. Walker

        James W. Walker - 2005-08-16

        Don't bother asking Sourceforge for help.  They say Mac CVS Pro is not a supported client.

    • Anonymous - 2005-03-24

      I think it's related to a change in cvs behaviour. I'm using 3.0.a3 on MacOS X; my local cvs server changed to version 1.11.17 recently, and (I suspect) was for a long time on a much older system.

      The cvs manual now says very clearly that you must first remove the file, then execute cvs remove. That's impossible in MacCVS Pro, unless the tool does some crafty file moves behind the scenes.

      sourceforge, as you would expect, is up to date in cvs versions.

      I'd quite like to rewrite MacCVS Pro in Java, cos it's so lovely. But I doubt I will live long enough to get round to it.


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