Joerg R. - 2003-06-13


1. Thanks for this really great program!
I'm a cvs user on Linux and I am very happy about having a graphical interface to cvs also on my mac. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

2. I have a small problem:
It happens very often that I change a file, save it and revert the changings later. So the file's date has changed, but there is no difference between local version and cvs-server-version.
When I try to commit these files I get an error:

"The commit could not be completed because the file contents are not different from the copy in the repository."

Is MacCVS creating this (nonsense)-Error, or did I misconfigure my cvs server?

That forces me to open the file, add a space somewhere and save it again... %-)

...and a little report:
I did not get this programm running when using a netatalk fileserver on a linux machine. I changed to nfs, now it works.
This is a problem, because netatalk suited better in my concept. Every writing to a file on the netatalk fileserver was refused with error -5000, while every other program was working (so: No permission problem).