Agnar Renolen - 2002-01-23

I have installed cvs/pserver from on a
windows 2000 computer. I haven't tested it properly
windows-to-windows, but I have had no problems
using "cvs login" to the server.

Then I finally managed to successfully checkout
sources from the server using MacCVS Pro 2.5.

But I'm having problems commiting the changes or add
new files to the project. When commiting, I get the
following error messages:

failed to create lock directory for
Invalid argument

failed to remove lock
ver>(<user>).2076: Invalid argument

Could not complete an operation on "<filename>"
because an error -3158 occurred.

(might be some typos above. didn't copy and paste due
to different computers)

Why is the path to the CVS-repository repeated twice
in the path of the error message? Is the path on the
server appended to the path that I specify in MacCVS?

From the error messages, it seems that MacCVS
communicates well with the server, but is having
problems with 'locking', which is an unknown concept
to me regarding CVS.

So what is the problem, a client or server problem?