error -3212

  • David Knuth

    David Knuth - 2001-04-18

    I get this error often.  What does it mean?

    For example, I just downloaded the Carbon version of MacCVS Pro and after setting it up, I tried updating my default project.  I immediately got this error -3212 with no other messages.

    • Simon Fraser

      Simon Fraser - 2001-04-18

      This is a kEACCESSErr -- permission denied error from Open Transport.

      Can you give more details on what kind of CVS server setup you have, and what login protocol you're using?

      • David Knuth

        David Knuth - 2001-04-19

        The CVS server is on a Slackware Linux box, kernel v. 2.2.13. I have seen this error on two different machines: A PowerBook G3 Series running OS X 10.0.1, MacCVS Pro 2.7d3 with rsh authentication and an upgraded PowerMac 7500 running 8.6/9.1, MacCVS Pro 2.5 with rsh authentication.

        Currently, MacCVS Pro on the OS X machine cannot connect to the CVS server.  I can ftp and telnet into the Linux box from OS X, though, I cannot mount a partition of the Linux box on OS X.

        Why would I get an OpenTransport error from a Carbon app on OS X?

        Anything else you would like to know?

        • Simon Fraser

          Simon Fraser - 2001-04-19

          RSH is kinda flakey, and has not been tested much recently. It's susceptible to configuration errors on the server end, and does not report errors properly. I'd recomment you try using pserver or SSH to log in.

          To gain more information about this error, you could try installing Interarchy (, and use its traffic watching feature to spy on the RSH connection. If that shows useful info, paste it here, or email it to me.

          • David Knuth

            David Knuth - 2001-04-19

            I've never used pserver or SSH.  Where can I learn how to use them?


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