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  • Morgan Aldridge

    Morgan Aldridge - 2001-05-30

    Hopefully you all are still around to answer a few questions.  My questions are regarding using the latest version of MacCVS Pro to work with a repository set up on a Mac OS X 10.0.3 G3.  I'm writing an article describing CVS, MacCVS Pro, and setting up repositories under Mac OS X and have run into some issues I can't seem to find solutions for.  First, when trying to use the Remove command, it tells me that a copy of the file still remains in my local CVS directory... that's fine, but when I remove the local copy and update the module the file is still there in the repository.  Is this an issue with my CVS repository or the client?  Also, when files are checked out/updated, they immediately are marked as modified when they shouldn't be, defeating the purpose of the modified/unmodified flag and making Find Lurkers completely useless.  Is this an issue with MacCVS Pro when running under Mac OS X (I don't recall having this problem when using it under Mac OS 9)?  My last question pertains to setting up a CVS repository under Mac OS X:  When any user other than that that set up the repository tries to check out/update file they get the following error: "cannot open /var/root/.cvsignore: Permission denied".  How do I set up the repository correctly under Mac OS X to solve this problem?  I'm currently using the standard docs describing how to set up CVS repositories and none seem to describe this issue, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    • Ryan Wilcox

      Ryan Wilcox - 2002-02-10

      While I realize that this is several months late, it might help someone in the future.

      On your server machine, make sure the permissions for /private/var/root allow READ and EXECUTE privs to "world" users (or "everybody").

      Without EXECUTE privs, you can't open the folder - via the command line OR MacCVSPro (or probably any other client for that matter)


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