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  • Steve Veltkamp

    Steve Veltkamp - 2011-11-24

    Installed Macbuntu on Ubuntu 11.10 - works fine!  Great work!

    I had to keep entering my sudo password (probably 100 times!) during the script, but kept pressing on.

    Only wish was that I'd not selected the Mac logo and kept the Ubuntu one.  Any way to change that after install or do I need to uninstall and redo everything?

  • jfxg

    jfxg - 2011-11-24

    You can activate the "root" user and switch to it from a command prompt or edit the /etc/sudoers file by reading the following help page:

  • Steve Veltkamp

    Steve Veltkamp - 2011-11-24

    Thanks - script complained that it could not be run as root, so I started it as regular user. Still, eventually installed OK

    Only question now is the logo on bootup and in the menu bar on top….


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