Chinese font

  • Jan Komadowski

    Jan Komadowski - 2010-08-26

    ZH CEXO wrote:
    It looks beautiful but there is a problem. My language is Chinese and during the install process, I chose Chinese. But after I finished installing this, all Latin fonts are invisible, some are squares and some are spaces. How can I deal with these things?

  • Jan Komadowski

    Jan Komadowski - 2010-08-26

    Please press 2 (Chinese) as the answer to the following question during the installation.  (Latin does not contain all Chinese characters):

    - Which font you want to install, otherwise a default (*) one will be selected?
    * 1. Latin
      2. Chinese

    You can also manually copy files from a directory
    and finally, call the following command
    $ sudo fc-cache -f -v


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