bitu-derr - 2010-11-22

Hello, I'm trying out both Macbuntu and Mac4Lin in two separate virtual machines. I noticed when I launch Rhythmbox in both VM's, then for example, go to the radio station list, select a station, hit Alt+Enter or otherwise open the properties dialogue, in Macbuntu the minimise and maximise buttons are gone, but are still present in Mac4Lin, as well as in a clean install of vanilla Maverick.

I tend to maximise that dialogue so that I can see the entire URI of a station. It makes me wonder what other similar dialogue boxes may be affected in this way.

Is there any way I can change this, so that all the window control buttons are present in the smaller dialogue boxes?

Also, after I installed Macbuntu, I checked Synaptic just to see if any repos had been added, and I wondered if it is possible to automatically update Macbuntu?